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Female Patient

Our Patient Reviews

Haven’t been to a doctor in years. He took his time with me and listened to anything and everything I had to say. He didn’t push any unwanted treatment on me. Front desk was extremely nice. In the past 2 years I’ve tried 6 different doctors trying to find the right one. I’m glad I found this office. 10/10 recommend.

Frank F.

I was very pleasedwith Dr. Khawar. He took the time to listen to issues I have been dealing with, asked questions and I truly felt ha cared about my well being which was a welcome change from my last primary care doctor. I finally found a doctor I can trust with my medical needs and well being which is not an easy feat. I recommend him highly!

Monica Z.

I've gone to Dr. Khawar for several years now. I like the fact I always see him for my appointments rather than a PA. He is readily available on the web portal. The wait time in the office is normally not much. He typically answers my questions in a thorough manner and I do have ample time express concerns.

Michael C.

I had a six month checkup in which he went over all of my blood work and other Dr appts. with me. He went over cholesterol and sugar levels especially with me. Had bp taken,chest,lungs,circulation testing. Reviewed up coming colonoscopy and monogram. Reviewed meds. Over all very thorough.

Patricia W.

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