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Do you have any concerns about your health and don't know who to talk to? Stop googling your symptoms and call Expedient Medical today to speak with our trusted healthcare professionals about your concerns. Dr. Sarwat Khawar will sit down and listen to all of your concerns to find the root cause or causes of your problem and work to find a solution.

Dr. Khawar offers comprehensive medical consultations for new and current patients whenever necessary or requested. During his consultations, Dr. Khawar will fully explain a patient's medical condition and help them determine an appropriate course for treatment. 

Patients continually trust Dr. Khawar's expertise because of his consistent, high-quality care that leads to long-lasting relationships and treatment plans. Call today to make an appointment for a medical consultation at 716-632-3535.

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Medical form with stethoscope

In order to save you time during your appointment, our patient forms are available to download.

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Medical Consultations of Buffalo NY.jpg
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